A question of ethics

I heard someone speak at a Claremont sustainability event and it made me think more about where we are ethically with water in our town. These are the questions and concerns I came away with:
How ethical is it to take something that falls FREE from the sky and have a CEO be compensated $1.9 million per year to distribute it?
How ethical is it for a “for-profit company” to position themselves as the moral compass, and to tell their customer to be environmentally responsible and conserve water—yet put a surcharge and profit on our conservation?
How ethical is it, in a down economy, to continue to get the highest rates and still seek rate increases every possible time that they can?
How ethical is it for a “for-profit company” to see 700 ratepayers come out to a CA PUC meeting, distraught and frustrated about a monthly expense that seems to have no ceiling, yet push back and say they don't set the rates, the CA PUC does?
How ethical is it to see homes foreclosed on, knowing that the price of water in town is a major contributor to residents not being able to keep up with monthly bills?
How ethical is it to file lawsuit after lawsuit against the city, while on the other hand, stating in the media that the city won’t come together to seek a solution?

We now have a choice: Vote YES on Measure W.