City bows to CAWA pressure?

Dear Editor:

Here in the pages of the COURIER, we have heard from and read about a group of Claremont residents who oppose the city’s plan to purchase the water system from Golden State. This group calls itself CAWA. Please do not, however, confuse them with another group of Claremont residents—Claremont FLOW (Friends of Locally Owned Water). Claremont FLOW supports the city’s purchase of the water system. (Yes, I know, too many acronyms.)

CAWA’s real reasons for opposing the city’s purchase seem to be known mostly to themselves, because they have certainly not been well articulated or explained publicly—other than references to an amorphous “lack of transparency” and confusion over the dollar amounts. Yet, while the folks of CAWA ostensibly dislike our sky-high monthly water bills, they paradoxically look to Golden State for their salvation.

CAWA’s latest message in the August 8 COURIER trumpets “their” success in getting the city’s agreement. But here’s the dirty little secret (well, actually, it’s not much of a secret to those who’ve been following this): CAWA’s agreement with Golden State was rejected by the city.

What the city just agreed to a couple of weeks ago was a proposal directly from Golden State, with no CAWA involvement.

If you want to secure our water future not only for us but for future generations, if you can see the value of long-term investments, then you will support the city’s goal of purchasing our water system from Golden State. It just makes sense. Vote YES on November 4.

Douglas Lyon