City Council Moves Forward with Appeal Process on Water System

City Manager Update, February 2, 2017

On Tuesday,  January  31,  the  City  Council  voted  to  proceed  with  preparing  an  appeal  of  the  water decision made  at  the  trial  court. On  December  9,  2016, Superior  Court  Judge  Richard  Fruin  ruled  against  the  City  of Claremont in its eminent domain case to acquire the Claremont Water System from Golden State Water. The decision  came  after  six  weeks  of  trial  and  a  detailed  objection  brief from  the  City.  The  City  Council  held a Special  City  Council  meeting  on  Tuesday,  January  31to discuss the City’s options for the future,  including details  about  the  appeal  process,  a  timeline  for  the  process, and  the  financial  impact  of  pursuing  an  appeal. This meeting was an opportunity for our residents to share their opinions with the City Council. After receiving considerable public  testimony,  both  in  person  and  by  mail  and  email,  the  City  Council  decided  to  move forward in the appeal process. As part of their decision, the City Council authorizedthe City Manager to enter into an agreement, not to exceed $400,000, with Horvitz & Levy LLP, to appeal the decision. The City Council also  authorized our  current  attorneys  from  Best  Best  & Krieger  to  work  with  the  appellate  attorneys,  at  an estimated cost of $50,000. The first step is to file the notice of appeal in the first week of February. The next step  will  be  for  the  law  firm  to  complete  an  in-depth  review  of  the  trial  court  record  and  provide  additional guidance to the City Council as to how to proceed. It is estimated to take 18-24 months to pursue an appeal

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