City Manager Declares Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Conditions

City Manager's report April 30

On April 23, 2015 City Manager Tony Ramos declared Level 2 water shortage supply conditions as outlined in the City’s Water Conservation Ordinance. At the April 28 City Council Meeting the City Council unanimously affirmed the declaration and instructed staff to begin implementing additional water conservation measure for City facilities and programs.

 The declaration is in response to the State Water Control Resources Board regulations and the Governor’s Executive Order calling for statewide water reductions.

 On March 17, 2015 the State Water Control Resources board issued new water restrictions in response to continued drought conditions. The Board called on all water agencies to restrict watering to no more than two days a week and make all 2014 restrictions mandatory. On April 1, 2015 Governor Brown issued an Executive Order calling for all Californians to reduce water consumption by 25%. The State Water Resources Control Board has released a draft framework for the Governor’s Order which is set to be approved May 5, 2015.

 Based on the State’s regulations, the City Council found sufficient reason to declare the Level 2 Water Supply Shortage Conditions. Enacting Level 2 of the City Water Ordinance will allow the City to issue citations for water wasting behavior and assist residents in meeting the 32% reduction in water set by the State Water Resources Board.

 The following requirements apply during a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage:

  • Watering or irrigating of lawn, landscaping, or other vegetated area with potable  water is limited to two days a week. Houses with addresses ending in even numbers will be allowed to water on Monday and Thursday and Houses with addresses ending in odd numbers will be allowed to water Tuesday and Friday.
  •  All leaks, breaks, or other malfunctions must be repaired within 48 hours.
  • Using water to wash vehicles is prohibited except by use of bucket, hand-held hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle, high pressure/low volume wash system, or at a commercial car wash that utilizes re-circulated water
  • Refilling pools or outdoor spas more than one foot and initial filling of pools is prohibited. 

Level 2 water conservation measures are in addition to the City’s permanent water conservation requirements including:

  • No outdoor watering or irrigation between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Watering  more than 15 minutes per day per watering station is prohibited.
  • Watering in a manner that causes runoff or excessive water to flow onto adjoining hardscape or surfaces is prohibited.
  • Re-circulating water is required for water fountains and decorative water features.
  • No washing down hard or paved surfaces.

Staff will also begin removing turf from medians and begin watering parks and parkways only two days a week. Staff will be evaluating parks, parkways, and medians to reduce water usage while maintaining the health of the City’s trees.

The turf in front of City Hall and at Shelton Park will not be watered in anticipation of a turf-reduction re-landscaping project scheduled to begin this summer. The City’s wading pools and fountains will also be turned off. The City will also be halting water use for the dunk tank and water slides at the 4th of July festival. Additionally, staff is working with the 4th of July Committee to find an alternative to the Fireworks Show that reduces the amount of water used.

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