City presents concerns with GSW water conservation advice letter

City Manager's Letter

On June 3, 2015, the City submitted a protest letter to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) with comments on Golden State Water’s Water Conservation Advice Letter. Claremont residents expressed their concerns over the restrictions and the allocation plan at a public hearing on May 28,2015.

The City included these concerns in the protest letter and asked the CPUC to investigate issues including:

  • How WRAM will be affected by surcharges and penalties
  • How and when allocations would be triggered
  • How ratepayers will be notified of allocations
  • How the appeal process would work
  • Why 8CCf was chosen as the baseline exemption amount
  • What considerations will ratepayers be given if they conserved prior to 2013

The City is supportive of the water conservation efforts needed to reduce the community’s water use by 32% during the drought. However, the City would like the CPUC to require Golden State Water to clarify key issues and provide more information on the process to ratepayers.

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