Claremont won’t be bullied by Golden State Water Company

Recently, Golden State Water Company escalated its efforts to wage a deceptive and misleading campaign against Claremont and its residents. 

The city of Claremont will not sit quietly by and allow Golden State’s attacks to go without a response. These baseless attacks are designed to confuse and intimidate the ratepayers in Claremont.

This week, Golden State sent a campaign mail piece to Claremont residents wrongly claiming they are working to “protect private property rights” and that the city is secretly working to “grab” the water system in Claremont. The fact remains that Golden State is working tirelessly to protect its water monopoly in Claremont.

As correctly reported in this and every media outlet in the area, the city has made an offer to purchase the Claremont water system, and with good reason.  Golden State is charging our residents some of the highest water rates in California and are seeking approval to raise our rates another 24.54 percent in 2013.

The vast majority of Californians receive their water from a municipal or other public agency provider. However, since Golden State is a profit-motivated investor-owned utility, the city’s residents are not entitled to a transparent and accountable process, where water rates are established locally and in compliance with the State’s open meeting laws.

Golden State has hired lobbyists, lawyers, former Claremont McKenna College employees and others to make biased and misleading statements on the company’s behalf. 

Indeed, Golden State and its allies have gone as far as to compare our offer to purchase the water system with the stealing of homes and churches in Claremont. Their attacks are shameful.

Golden State wants to keep its monopoly and to control the future of the water system in Claremont. As mayor, I will not sit idly by while a for-profit company plays politics with one of life’s most precious resources, our water.

The city council and I will continue to work on behalf of Claremont residents to ensure that our community has a voice when it comes to our water system.

As many of you have told us, Claremont ratepayers have taken a backseat to Golden State Water for far too long.

Larry Schroeder
Mayor of Claremont