Controlling our future

I’m in favor of Measure W because I’m in favor of Claremonters owning the rights to Claremont water. As it is, Golden State owns the rights to the water it pumps from the ground in our area as well as the run-off and reclaimed water, too.

We live in the desert. We suffer from drought. Our yards and soon our lives are becoming increasingly thirsty. Yet, we have handed our canteen over to strangers who control what happens with the water and have tremendous influence over it’s cost. (See the Six Basins Watermaster site for more details:

Thinking ahead not to next year but to years later, what is in our best interest? Should we own what water is left in Claremont, or should it belong to a distant business—one that could be bought out by an even larger and more distant company?

It is time to take back our water now before it becomes even more expensive to do so in the future.

Jack Mills