Due diligence is done

I support our city council’s effort to acquire the water company. The council and city staff have done their due diligence on this issue on behalf of the residents of Claremont.
The same criticisms about the proposed purchase have been stated many times over in the pages of the COURIER. The arguments in support of the purchase have similarly been reiterated. The most recent letters in opposition add nothing new. He said, she said. Who to believe?
I choose to side with the city on this issue because the five council members who, in fact, represent many different constituencies in our town, have determined this effort to purchase the water company is in the best interests of the residents of Claremont. 
Because it is a business, Golden State Water Company makes decisions that are in the best interests of its shareholders, not community residents; those shareholders expect the business to make a profit.

I much prefer local control of such a valuable resource as water. As to its due diligence, the city has:
1) held many public forums to get resident input on the issue;
2) examined funding options and consulted bond experts to find the option that is most attractive to buyers and spreads the cost most fairly;
3) entered discussions with a nearby city, that owns its own water system, to manage our water system;
4) negotiated with GSW to reduce the number of potential lawsuits that would have increased the time and cost of eminent domain proceedings; and,
5) authorized a feasibility study to determine the worth of the system, which reviewed data from GSW about income and infrastructure condition.

Claremont has always been my home.  I love this community and I believe this effort to purchase the water company is a reasonable and carefully calculated risk that we must take.
Anne Bellemin