Every vote counts

Now is the time to bring our water back to local control by voting yes on Measure W. The alternative is for us, our children and theirs to remain hostage to Golden State Water’s relentless drive for profits. That is unless, in an even worse scenario, GSW decides one day to sell out to some multinational company at some outrageous profit making water management even more remote and unresponsive to local needs.

As we have walked our precinct in support of Measure W, we have been happily surprised by the high level of support we’ve found.

Every homeowner but one whom we called on last night (and we skipped those who already had a yard sign for W) was already strongly for the cause. The one who wasn’t on board yet asked for more information. This level of support is pretty amazing, given the tens of thousands of dollars GSW has thrown at this campaign with their door-to-door salesmen, their lawsuits and the inflated and untrue claims in their bombardment of slick mailers. Obviously, Claremont isn’t buying what they’re trying to sell!

If all of us who are in favor mail in our ballots or get out to the polls, this measure will pass in a landslide. But the important thing is that we follow up and vote. As this process continues, an overwhelming victory for Measure W will have a positive influence on our city leaders who will carry the plan forward, on Golden State Water, and even on the courts. 

Remember that every vote counts, especially on local issues. Vote yes on Measure W.

Robert D. Rogers