Fantasy and fiction

The city and Claremont FLOW have tried very hard to provide honest and accurate information about purchasing the water system, and to be clear about what we do and do not know for certain. In a previous letter, I invited anyone who found something inaccurate in what Claremont FLOW is saying to get in touch so we could correct it. There have been no responses. 
Golden State has strong financial reasons to try to keep us among their ratepayers, and they apparently don’t feel constrained by the truth. Of course it is annoying to have so many lies and half-truths circulating in opposition ads, mailers and phone “surveys” meant to mislead, but I trust Claremont citizens to recognize fantasy and fiction when they see or hear it.
Those of us who believe we can do a better job ourselves in setting reasonable rates, in conserving water and in planning for our future will be voting yes on Measure W on November 4. 
Susan Schenk