Good for our future

As we consider the water bond, I remind you of three compelling reasons to vote yes on Measure W.

First, your five elected Claremont City Council members (right, left and center) voted unanimously to seek the water revenue bond and have worked hard to promote a full discussion on the merits. If they all agreed this is good for our city, you can be assured it is good for the future.

Second, the League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area strongly supports the city’s effort to buy the water system. Note their use of words, “strongly supports.” The league is highly respected and has done its homework. Their reputation for fairness is first-class, and their strong support is a good sign that your yes vote on Measure W is appropriate and in the best interests of our community.

Third, well over a thousand of your Claremont friends have publicly endorsed a yes vote on Measure W through Claremont FLOW. We have seen dozens of public forums, years of fact-finding, independent economic analysis and rate comparisons. Despite some hyperbole from Golden State, we know the time has come for us to acquire the Claremont water system.

I encourage you to join me in voting yes on Measure W.