Guess who’s coming to town?

Dear Editor:
Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. It seems like Golden State Water will spare no expense when it comes to protecting their water monopoly in Claremont.

Recently, Jack O’Connell, the former California Superintendent of Public Education, wrote a letter that was published in the COURIER. Mr. O’Connell opined about how our children will be harmed if we, the community, owned our water system. 

I would suggest that Mr. O’Connell, who lives in northern California, knows absolutely nothing about our community nor is he in any position to tell us what is best for the schools in Claremont and community. That is why there is a Claremont Unified School District—because we believe that our community should be in charge of educating our children, and we are doing a terrific job.

However, there was one issue that Mr. O’Connell failed to mention in his letter to the COURIER. Since leaving public office in 2010, he has been employed by one of largest lobbying firms in Sacramento.

Now you know who’s coming to town. 

 Dr. Anne K. Turner