Investing in Claremont

Thank you for the careful coverage you are giving to the current debate regarding the possible purchase of Golden State Water. I also appreciated the thoughtful analysis by Dr. Freeman Allen, who is an excellent authority on the topic.

Hal Hargrave, Randy Scott and Claremont Against Outrageous Water Rates have done a great job providing information and keeping the discussion alive.  I love living in a community where there is a forum and a passion for informed conversation and decision.

Today I received a flyer from an organization named California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights with a return address located in Folsom, California.

I am offended that this mysterious third party would presume to insert itself into our town hall discussion. I am curious as to where their funding has come from. We received more than one flyer at our address. Who paid for it? Next they will want a donation.

I am fully supportive of the acquisition of Golden State by the city of Claremont; their pumps are installed down the street from my house, where they pump the water out from under our neighborhoods, process it and return it to us at a huge cost.

It is certain that water will only become a more precious resource in the future. It is prudent that the city should control this valuable asset. Eminent domain seems a reasonable solution in this situation. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, initially our water rates may not decrease. However, the long-term investment in our own water company will repay us bountifully.

I would rather invest in my city and its resources than continue to support a profit-grabbing and overbearing company such as Golden State Water.

Carla Johnson