It’s the water

Dear Editor: As a longtime resident of Claremont, I remember the water lines being installed at Berkeley and Harrison Avenues. I also remember the streams of water that ran down Harrison Avenue into the storm drains after the rains of 1968.

As a homeowner on South Mills Avenue since 1999, I have personally experienced both the rate increases and the lack of due care on the part of Golden State Water.

As Golden State Water is an investor-owned and for-profit company, it must give priority to its investors and their expectations of dividend payments above the needs of the customers served by the company. I have personally seen the results of placing investors above customers in water pipe leakage and near failure in my own front yard by piping that was well past its expected service life and the water company’s attitude towards the repairs and general system maintenance.

With a city-owned water service, the residents of Claremont would be able to hold the council and water service managers accountable, unlike the CPUC- sanctioned faceless corporate entity that we must contend with.

The time to obtain funding is now as the cost of the system and the cost of the money to purchase it will only become more expensive in the future.

As for any purported Memorandums of Understanding, I seriously question their validity as well as the legal ability of individuals who are not involved in city governance to enter into such understandings.

The Claremont City Council has carefully and thoroughly exercised the due diligence needful for the purchase of the water system that serves Claremont. They deserve our respect, support and willingness to make the needed investment that will secure the future supply of water for ourselves and our children, who will live here long after we have departed.