Let’s roll

There is truth to the statement, “Do what you have always done...get what you have always got.”

A week ago Tuesday, Claremont voters documented their support to move forward with the removal of Golden State as our water provider. The numbers were over 71 percent yes to 29 percent no. This was a city-wide win, as in each and every precinct, the yes vote won.

This outrage started from the December 2011 PUC hearing at Taylor Hall, with over 700 ratepayers in attendance.  At the January 2012 public workshop, the council identified the Golden State situation as priority number-one.

A few months ago, Claremont FLOW came into being and a hardworking team of precinct coordinators and walkers—all volunteers and citizens—walked the city to knock on doors and provide residents information, gathering over 1,300 endorsements along the way. This was a tireless, awesome group.

In the final week and days before the election, this turned into a dirty, disgusting campaign, as residents had to withstand mailers, newspaper ads, Internet banners, being flipped off by paid-for no sign carriers, phone calls from Pennsylvania pollsters and campaign materials on our front doors (the identical piece we got in the mail the day before), robo calls, a large oversized no sign on a truck driving through town, secret focus group meetings and hundreds of no signs in illegal places all over the city.

The yes side won, but make no mistake, Golden State had their way with Claremont in the worst fashion. They should be ashamed. This is not how a publicly-traded company should act. It was hardly a proud moment.

During the community presentations,  we heard a representative of the no side say, “Don’t even like Golden State, not a fan.” It’s more obvious now why that was said. Claremont deserves better from a company that we pay millions of dollars to each year. Despite all the big money funded by Golden State, Claremont spoke loud and clear.

The council decided to put this to a vote of the people as a finance mechanism. The voters authorized the purchase of a financial method or vehicle. We now need you to drive the bus. Let’s roll!

Randy Scott