Let’s vote on water

Dear Editor:

The recent letter, “Something to hide,” mischaracterizes the issues with Golden State Water (GSW).

Donna Lowe asserts our councilmembers “demonstrate a lack of confidence and respect for residents.” The truth is opposite of this viewpoint. Councilmembers are aware their actions regarding this contentious issue will define their tenure on the council. Other councilmembers, in years past, approached this issue but did not demonstrate the same level of commitment in solving this problem.

One could say that the previous councilmembers did not have the confidence required to address this issue in the manner
that our current council does. One reason the current council is addressing this issue so tenaciously is the voice of the residents. Claremont residents have been quite vocal in calling for action on the water issue. The actions of our current council demonstrate deep confidence, and are a sign of respect for the concerns of the large number of residents calling for action on this issue.

Ms. Lowe argues “instead of facts, we get promises,” which is a perfect summary of the Memorandum of Understanding she, GSW and CAWA, supports. Ms. Lowe begs, “Give residents details and let them vote,” which summarizes why I support the water system acquisition.

I don’t get a vote with GSW or the Public Utilities Commission. If the city acquires the water system, I do get a vote. All residents will. And if we don’t like the actions of our leaders on the council, we can replace them. Until then, we have no vote.

Christopher Becker