Local control is our future

Golden State water had their meeting on Tuesday night. I was surprised that the attendees’ tones were so anti-Golden State since GSW was the host. What is the relevance that CEO Bob Sprowls’ sons both graduated from Claremont High School and that most of the groomsmen at his son’s wedding were CHS grads?

We sat through lectures by Denise Kruger, Ben Lewis and Rodney Smith, with Mr. Lewis even sharing photos of GSW assets that “usually” aren’t shared, (for security reasons). He must not know about Google Earth.

Through all the prepared information that may or may not be verifiable, I feel GSW continues to lack credibility. GSW wants to meet with Claremont to purportedly “work and collaborate on the water rates.” We are locked into Region 3 and a regional rate structure, so how can one meeting between Claremont and GSW go anywhere? How can GSW treat Claremont differently than any other Region 3 city?

I feel lied to by GSW, especially with at least two of their responses or comments: 1) When someone asked about the compensation of the top three or five executives at GSW, Ms. Kruger answered, “I don’t know that off the top of my head.” For goodness sake, she and Mr. Sprowls were in the room! They certainly are two of the top five earners at GSW. I think they know how much money they make.

And 2) When we were told that the Q & A session needed to end and we had to leave the multi-purpose room because GSW could only reserve the room for so long from The Colleges, our conversations naturally moved outside. While outside, a Colleges employee said that “GSW had the room as long as they wanted.”  GSW is a hard company to trust and history has shown how they operate.

At the end of the day, we pay more for water than any surrounding city. Over 75 percent of California is serviced by municipal systems. The July 2014 GSW rate request is coming. Local control should be our future.

Randy Scott