Numbers don’t lie

Golden State Water is an absolute joke! Step back and see how they operate. They have seven names that GSW promotes and funds in their ads and mailings. Several of the names have changed in the last few weeks, which I find, let’s say...curious. Compare that to the hundreds of names on the website who are supporting the city to finally get rid of GSW.

Yes, $222 million is a big number. I worked in the auto industry and it’s no secret that if you add up the cost for each part of the car, it far exceeds the market price of that car. GSW is playing a shell game with the residents of Claremont. Their strategy seems to be, “Since we don’t have hundreds of supporters, let’s just take the seven names and send hundreds of ads and mailings.”

Golden State, you have provided a new low for the term junk mail. I support our city and will vote yes on Measure W.

Larry and Sue Goodman