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Water talk, water talk everywhere but not a drop to believe. Feeling confused over our Claremont water fight? Don't worry, even those that are immersed in this issue are and that's because there are many moving parts. First, if you happened to sign a petition under the pretense that this is bringing thus issue to a vote, then you have been duped. There will be an election and your vote will be heard. There is another group that is a cohort of Golden State Water that is confusing the issue. To remove your name simply follow the info from today's city managers report:


Voter Information – Petition Signature Removal. The City has received several calls from residents inquiring about how to remove their name from a petition for a ballot initiative. Section 104 of the Voting Code requires voters to submit a written request to the appropriate elections official prior to the day the petition is filed. Claremont voters that want their name removed from a petition should send a written document with their name, address, and SIGNATURE to the Claremont City Clerk at 207 Harvard Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711. The written document may also be dropped off at City Hall. For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (909) 399-5460.







Argument In Favor Of Claremont Water Revenue Bond


For too many years, Claremont has experienced increasingly high water rates and no local control over management of the community's water resources.Under Golden State Water Company (GSW), rates more than doubled in the recent 5-year period. Compared to neighboring cities with municipally owned water. Claremont's rates are outrageous. As an essential life-sustaining commodity, water should be managed for the public good, not a profit-making monopoly for private gain.

While GSW rate-setting is subject to approval by California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the process has not worked in Claremont's best interest. It is time for Claremont to join the other 85% of California municipalities in owning its water system.

It is time for local control to achieve the following:

Claremont will set water rates, not the broken CPUC process;

Claremont will no longer sustain GSW and its exorbitant executive salaries;

Claremont will manage its water locally for the appropriate community's best interest, unlike GSW's costly regional grouping of communities with dissimilarwater needs;

No profit payment to distant GWS stockholders, a factor in the companies high rates, Claremont residents and businesses will be the beneficiaries;

No payment of taxes - as GSW must - on the water system assets resulting in overall rate reduction;

Claremont will control its water destiny, unlike GSW which can be taken over by a larger, distant or foreign company resulting in even less consideration of local needs;

Opportunity for community wide water conservation, recycling of grey water, better retention of storm water to increase ground water recharge and less reliance on imported water. GSW has no incentive for conservation as evidenced in its CPUC Water Revenue Adjustment Mechanism (WRAM) charges when users conserve;

We will appreciably lower rates after bond payoff, similar to home ownership cost reductions after paying off the mortgage.

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