Out-of-town streetwalkers

Dear Editor:

Now we have Golden State Water out-of-town streetwalkers prowling Claremont—their latest ploy to confuse the issue of Claremont owning its water. They are asking for residents to have the right to vote on what Golden State Water claims will be the real price of the purchase, $135 million, which they are asking Claremonters to assume is the starting price. The real price will be whatever a judge says it is and will be based on a realistic appraisal. The city has that realistic appraisal of $54 million. So let’s stop bandying about this bloated figure of $135 million.

Do not be fooled by these CAWA people. They are only a small self-appointed group recruited by Golden State Water to keep the citizens of Claremont from derailing their very lucrative gravy train—a railroad operation funded at our expense.
Just remember one thing: Golden State equals CAWA equals Donna Lowe and her little coterie shilling for GSW.
When these walkers knock on your door, be polite but firm in refusing to sign.  They are only struggling folks, the victims of this no-job recovery, trying to support themselves as best they can. They know not what they do. We do.

John C. Forney