Possibilities with Measure W

Purchasing the water company will put Claremont in a better position to deal with current and future water-related issues. If Claremont controlled the water company we could:

• Use Claremont’s public water hydrants not just for fighting fires but also to help water valuable street trees during extreme drought.

• Have more incentive to clean up runoff and harvest rain water to sustain green infrastructure as well as recharge ground water for Claremont wells.

• Eliminate obstacles which are disincentives to reclaiming waste water for irrigation. The Claremont Colleges are considering using reclaimed water,which can actually be better for irrigation than using chlorinated water that adversely affects soil microorganisms. Golden State wants to limit the amount of water reclaimed locally.

• Improve the quality of our drinking water by using Claremont’s groundwater more effectively and refining purification processes. Golden State has no incentive to improve the quality of our water and would just as soon sell us imported water which costs more than our better-quality local ground water.

• Become water independent through conservation, reclamation and harvesting runoff.

• Avoid the rising cost of imported water. Diminishing snow pack, and future effects of over-pumping groundwater, as well as raising sea level, will likely result in salt water intrusion in the Delta increasing the cost of imported water.

I urge Claremonters to vote yes on W to acquire the bonds necessary to purchase the water company.

Mark von Wodtke