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Claremont FLOW (Friends of Locally Owned Water) members are residents who advocate purchase of our local water system infrastructure from its present owner, Golden State Water Company. Our dedicated volunteers are working to pass Measure W on the November 4th ballot. This would authorize the city to issue revenue bonds to purchase the system.

Look at our ENDORSER LIST to see who is supporting this. The purchase is endorsed by hundreds of Claremont citizens, as well as by local businesses, the League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area, Sustainable Claremont, the Claremont Chamber of Commerce, the Interfaith Sustainability Council, the Claremont Courier and the Daily Bulletin.

You can find information about the various issues under the Answers tab above; you can see what supporters have written under the Press tab; and you can become an endorser, volunteer to walk a neighborhood or put up a yard sign, or donate by going to the Get Involved tab. Our funds come entirely from donations from residents like you--any amount greatly appreciated!

If you have read letters or ads opposing Measure W, be sure to look at the FAQ in Answers to get accurate information and visit the City website (look on the home page and also click on "Water" in the lefthand menu).

What is our main goal?
Our main goal is local control.  With local control there would be:

  • better use of local wells and a chance to implement water reclamation programs
  • residents involved in rate setting (not the CPUC)
  • no regional rates that subsidize population growth in distant desert communities
  • safety from having our water system sold to the highest international bidder
  • the opportunity to provide incentives for heavy water users to reduce use
  • no need to make a profit or pay income taxes, no highly paid executives to support
  • transparency in rate setting and local accountability for decisions
  • the ability to plan for the water needs of future generations

The system will be managed in our own best interest! Ownership of the water system has eluded us for decades, but approval of the water bond on November 4th will move us closer to that goal. We need your vote, your volunteer help, and your financial support. Together we can make this happen!

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