College Student Research Paper Topic Ideas

Research Paper Topic

  • Should college students be allowed to have credit cards?
  • Should females be allowed to play college sports like football and wrestling with their male colleagues?
  • Should college students abstain from sexual intercourse?
  • Should college athletes be expelled for using anabolic steroids?
  • Is a college education mandatory for success?
  • Should college students be prohibited from drinking on campus?
  • Is there a correlation between birth order and academic achievement?
  • Should learning a second language really be mandatory in college?
  • What college courses could be added to diversify the average university curriculum?
  • Which college courses are a waste of time and why?
  • Should all upper level courses be taught by professors with PhDs?
  • Are some programs better suited to real world learning (i.e. nursing, computer technology, etc)?
  • Why is the teaching profession losing prospective candidates?
  • Is it too easy to get a college degree from a public university?
  • How can college advising be improved?
  • Is four years too much time to complete a college degree?