Family Research Paper Topic Ideas

Family Research Paper

  • What can parents do to develop emotional intelligence and high self-esteem in school-aged children?
  • Should single parents be allowed to adopt children?
  • Do parents have right to engage in “faith healing” procedures instead of seeking traditional medical care for their children?
  • What can parents do to prevent teenage pregnancies?
  • Should children be taken away from verbally and physically abusive parents?
  • Do parents have a right to spank their children?
  • Should parents be allowed to censor textbooks and other literature used in their children’s schools?
  • Should parents be allowed to home school their children?
  • Should there be government regulations in the curriculum that parents use to home school their children?
  • What problems does the home-schooled child face when he/she gets into the real world?
  • Are private schools really better?
  • Should learning disabled students be mainstreamed?
  • Are dress codes necessary for today’s school children?
  • Should students receive jail time for drug use?
  • Are today’s kids too overextended? Why?
  • Should manufacturing of toys be regulated, because certain toys create social or emotional difficulties in school-aged children?
  • Are music and art education courses going the way of the dinosaur?