A clarification

Dear Editor: I must clarify two points I made in the viewpoint published last Friday. First of all, I was told that Felton bought out its private water company because the citizens were unhappy about the high cost they were paying. While it is true that Felton was successful in buying out its private water company, the city was serviced by California American Water (Cal-Am), a subsidary of American Water Works Company, Inc., not Golden State’s parent company, American States Water.

Cal-Am, which ultimately answers to a German company RWE, is another behemoth company, very similar to Golden State. Cal-Am had filed a request with the PUC to raise Felton’s rates by more than 75 percent. The citizens of Felton united to buy out Cal-Am through the eminent domain process, but Cal-Am settled out of court at the last minute. As for Claremont filing a Resolution of Necessity, the sentence should have read that the city will have to file the resolution in the Superior Court once the legal process of eminent domain is begun.

I apologize for the oversight. However, the fact remains that local water control is now at a critical point. I ask Claremont citizens to learn all they can about the decisions made by city council to move forward to get the local control we so badly need—and to vote YES on November 4 to allow the city to get revenue bonds to finance the purchase.