Dear Editor: CAWA is a new group that has surfaced in Claremont. Well, CAWA-BUNGA, they sure spend money like it’s not theirs! In the span of one week, we saw multiple full-page newspaper ads, Internet banners and three mailers delivered via the US mail. Coincidentally, CAWA just happens to have the unit next to Golden State Water on Foothill Boulevard. This “Golden Stream” is certainly trying to have their way with us. Are we really to believe that CAWA has paid for all of this? Please, don’t insult my intelligence!

We have lived in Claremont for several years. I’ve paid water bills in other cities and know when I am being ripped off, and ripped off is a mild term! Retired on a fixed income, I’m sick of the ridiculous water bills we pay to Golden State Water to fund excessive compensation and div- idends to their shareholders.

A recent COURIER article said that 400 people came to the December 2011 PUC hearing in Claremont. The fact is, there were more than 700 people at Taylor Hall to protest the water rate request and about 150 people spoke in opposition to Golden State.

Even with that public outrage, the PUC still granted another double-digit increase. Having attended other public water meet- ings with Golden State Water in attendance and speaking, I can only say the water company is just not credible or believable. We get WRAM’d and also charged for uncollected debt, as well as construction in other cities, that provide no benefit to Claremont.

Then, Golden State’s own Senior Vice President Denise Krueger states that she has “no idea” how much her top executives are paid and claims she doesn’t even know her own salary. Is this plausible?

We really have no other choice, but to just get rid of Golden State Water along with the PUC that has consistently passed along the rate increases year after year. Claremont residents have been tolerant and deserve better. We need to challenge GSW for what they are, a monopoly that could care less about the residents of Claremont.