Claremont water

Dear Editor:When are the residents of Claremont going to wake up to the fact that Golden State Water (a private, for-profit company) will do and say anything directly or indirectly in order to keep the “cash cow” of Claremont residents’ water bills flowing into their coffers? 

I read this morning a supposedly unbiased front page report by Liset Marquez in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin regarding this subject.

In it, she alludes to the “secrecy” of the city council and their projected plans to get more money to finance the takeover of Golden State. I resent the “secrecy” and blatant attacks that Golden State has made in their attempt to thwart our efforts to rid the community and its residents of an albatross that keeps demanding more and more money while providing negligible services to us.

I also resent the “secrecy” of Golden State in funding supposedly independent studies that paint their services in glowing terms and attack the credibility of any study the city funds. I further resent the fact that Golden State demands more money every three years (the minimum time allowed) in order to pay their management, board of directors and stockholders a yearly dividend that they haven’t missed in uncounted years.

Finally, I resent the actions (or non-actions) of the Public Utilities Commission in allowing this subterfuge of supposed overseeing for the public’s benefit to go on year after year.

Golden State submits a mound of paper to justify an increase and asks for more than they actually want; the PUC “reviews” the justification and grants a lower figure to Golden State (sometimes higher than they expected).

When will it stop? When we take action to take over this system using eminent domain and let the experienced La Verne water personnel run it?

I don’t believe that our rates will go down under this new system, but I do believe that they won’t continue to go up!