Support the city’s effort

Dear Editor:

In a battle that pits David against Goliath, the city of Claremont has taken on Goliath, Golden State Water. The city council, in a very open and democratic way, has put forth a ballot measure to help fund the purchase of what will be our own water.

Golden State is a large company that provides a service to its customers, but,  sadly it has become more about making profits. It does this on the backs of the citizens of Claremont. Every two years or so, the company trots out another request for a rate increase. Golden State makes a good profit and offers a good dividend to its investors but cares little, if anything, for the ultimate consequences of the ever-increasing cost of water for its customers. Its primary concern is to make money.

The government of the city of Claremont represents the people and by purchase of the water system, profit will no longer be the primary focus.

Water is a basic necessity of life and outside of food, nothing is more essential for our existence. Water should be clean and affordable to all and with the bond measure scheduled to be on the ballot in November, we can be in greater control of our own destiny.

If you save on water usage in the future, you will no longer be tagged with an immoral surcharge because the company is making less money.

There are a few among us who would have you believe otherwise. They would have you believe that private enterprise is the key and that Golden State Water is good for you. Don’t believe them. Golden State is a monopoly; there is no competition to help keep the price down.

It is ironic that Tea Party individuals are leading the effort to thwart the will of the people. The original Tea Party protested the price of tea. The current members of what is called a Tea Party are being used by the water company to support the ever-increasing price of water and the ever-increasing profits of Golden State Water.

The original Sons and Daughters of liberty fought the Intolerable Acts of the British. Our city council has the courage to fight the intolerable acts of the water company. Let us support the bi-partisan efforts of our fellow citizens to pass the bond issue in November.

Gar Byrum