The common good

Seldom if ever has an issue received more press than Claremont’s proposed water company purchase and Measure W.  Advocates pro and con have weighed in with each side supplying “facts” to support their position.

We have no additional information to share. We do have a question: What is the motivation behind opposing or favoring public ownership of the water company?

Most if not all of the campaign literature opposing Measure W is sponsored and paid for by Golden State Water. One can only conclude that owning Claremont’s water system is good business for Golden State, profitable and worth fighting for, nothing unusual for a successful business. Nevertheless, the motivation for opposing Measure W is private profit.

Support for Measure W begins with the Claremont City Council’s unanimous decision in favor of purchase and in favor of placing Measure W on the ballot. The motivation for our elected officials and our city staff who serve at the council’s pleasure is public service.

There’s a difference between profit for a private company and public service for the common good. Supplying water, a commodity necessary for life itself, belongs in the realm of public service and ought to be publicly owned and managed.

Please join us in voting yes on Measure W.

Butch and Rosemary Henderson