Tired of erroneous assertions

I really do wish that Measure W opponents would get around to conducting a “thoughtful engagement of issues based on facts,” as they told the rest of us to do.

Last week, we had a letter and a viewpoint filled with erroneous assertions about costs, administration and maintenance, pretty much toeing the Golden State line as set forth in Rodney Smith’s seriously biased letter.  And they’ve added a new red herring about Davis-Bacon wage laws. These apply to federally-funded projects and wouldn’t apply to maintenance anyway. We’d pay the same wages for work as do surrounding communities that own their own water systems and who still manage to have much lower water rates. 

Please, please, please—will those who oppose Measure W spend a little time looking at the facts? You can see a detailed rebuttal of Mr. Smith’s assertions by economist Andrew Winnick on the Claremont FLOW website. 

If you can find something actually untrue in the information available from the city or Claremont FLOW, we’d like to know so we can correct it. We are doing our best to be accurate. Please stop wishing the facts were other than they are. Bite the bullet and admit it—the facts are clearly saying “Buy the water system!” Vote “yes” on Measure W.
Susan Schenk