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Golden State Water rate increase notice
By now most of us have received the rate increase notice from Golden State Water for 2016, 2017 & 2018.
Page one looks somewhat nominal at a 6.2% increase compared to the 24+% increases in 2013, 14 &15 on top of the 31% rate increase in 2010, 11 &12.
But….Page 1 is not where the major increase is shown.
Turn the page over.
 The significant increase is on the back page where the tier size changes with an additional tier 4.
The new Tier #1 reduces the amount of water used to stay in tier 1 from 13 CCF (my bill shows 26 CCF in tier 1) to a smaller 10 CCF @$3.21 per CCF, thus;
We get to tier 2 and the higher rate faster. Tier #2 at $3.69 where we have just 19 CCF available instead of 21ccf.
Thus getting us to tier 3 faster at $4.25 per CCF up to 45ccfs where it cuts off.
At 46 CCFS we are into a new Tier #4   (each CCF =100 cubic feet of water)
The price of each CCF on tier 4 is not shown, so for the purpose of the following calculation I have estimated the cost to be 4.51 per CCF for tier4.
My bill of 101 CCF on 9/3/13 was $512.36
Tier 1, 2 and 3, those three tiers alone at the new proposed rate totaled $309.23 (excluding all surcharges)
The calculation with the new tier rate, estimating tier 4 at $4.51 added $166.87 (37 CCF) follows:
74 CCF with the new proposed tier rate = $ $309.23 for tier 1,2 &3 + plus  tier 4,  $166.87 (37 CCF @$4.51) i now add the WRAM charges of $58.89 + $23.62 in additional surcharges + meter charges  of $48.50.
Brings the new total to $607.11 an increase of $94.75 over$512.36.  Same amount of water
Everyone will have an opportunity to protest this major rate increase change to the CPUC, more on this later.
John L Sears for FCA via Tustin Flow

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