Vote yes on Measure W

For the last 75 years, Claremont has had several opportunities to purchase the water system from Golden State Water Company. This has not happened. The time is now!
We cannot afford to wait any longer. Claremont’s water rates are considerably higher than that of surrounding cities, approximately $50 per month more than it would be under La Verne rates. Little, if any, improvements have been made to the water infrastructure. Water rates have continued to rise on a regular basis with little or no benefit to us. However, salaries of Golden State executives have escalated.
Citizens of Claremont believe that the water district exists for the people, not for profit to the water company executives and stockholders. This time is overdue for Claremont to purchase the water company. Please join us and vote “yes” on the Claremont water bond issue on the November ballot.
Jim and Mary Jane Merrill