Water and our future

Water is unique. It is the resource we cannot do without. Highly validated projections show Claremont will be hotter in coming years, while rainfall will decrease. We cannot tolerate Golden State Water Company, its parent American States Water Company, or an international cartel that might take over, controlling our future. 

With this in mind, in 2006 the League of Women Voters of the Claremont Area adopted a position on water that advocates “Support for public acquisition of the local water system, converting the privately-owned company to a city-owned water company by the use of public financing, believing that public control is worth the cost, even if high, and has long-range advantages to rate-payers and to the community.”  Now we have the opportunity to make that a reality. We must not lose it.

Under the present high water rates in Claremont, there are options under which the city could purchase and manage the water system without increasing rates or taxes, even if the costs were near the upper range of credible estimates. Cooperating with a neighboring city is one of these.

Freeman Allen and Marilee Scaff
Water Task Force Co-chairs

Betsey Coffman and Sally Seven
League of Women Voters
of the Claremont Area