Water is life

The Pomona Valley Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting (PCU) voted unanimously at its June meeting to support the effort of the citizens of Claremont to take ownership of their water system. For those of us representing different expressions of the faith community, water has significant and multifaceted meanings.

Through the water of the womb we all come into this life. Water is the outward and visible sign of new life as in the sacrament of baptism and rites of purification. In the desert wilderness, water used in the act of foot washing is a sign of hospitality.  Indeed, water is a metaphor for life itself in the sacred texts and practices of many of our religious traditions.

Water is a part of the commons we all share. Like the village green of a New England community, water belongs to all. Water, like grace, is freely given from the heavens, flowing pure and clear, bringing the verdant spring and the autumn harvest. Like the air we breathe, it ought not to be owned for profit by anyone.

Now, the city of Claremont seeks to reclaim this vital resource from a private concern whose major responsibility is to benefit a select group of stock owners and fund an outrageously overpaid management. We wish to say unequivocally that we stand with the people of Claremont as they seek to reclaim this public resource for the commons. Water ought not to be treated as a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

We of the Pomona Valley Chapter of Progressive Christians Uniting wish to go on record as supporting the representatives of Claremont’s City Council in their efforts to secure this vital resource for the future generations of their citizens. We wish them Godspeed. And we urge a “yes” vote on Measure W on November 4.

Karen Sapio
Pomona Valley Chapter Convener, PCU                                                           

John C. Forney
Pomona Valley Chapter Organizer, PCU