We’re done with Golden State

Golden State Water just sent out a notice about its current rate increase request, telling us that some customers will actually see a decrease in their water bills. They say an average residential customer with a 5/8-by-3/4” meter using 15ccf per month would see a monthly decrease in the princely sum of 72 cents during the first year. Of course, since many residences have one-inch meters and the average use in Claremont is about 21ccf (from Golden State’s website), it doesn’t seem likely many people would benefit from this tiny decrease, which would in any case only be for one year. And, of course, they are asking for increases on other charges and have added another rate tier (and lowered the usages where you pay a higher rate) so that their profits don’t go down.

So why, for the first time in many years, isn’t Golden State asking the CPUC to approve a double-digit increase in Claremont water rates? I suspect they hope this will make us believe that they are turning over a new leaf and listening to us, so there is no need for us to proceed with purchasing the water system. Sensible people, however, clearly see that if we don’t gain control of the water system now, it will once again and forever be “business as usual” with double-digit increase requests every three years.

Golden State Water Company, it is too little, too late. You’ve had plenty of chances to work with Claremont residents and refused them all. We’d like you gone.
Patricia Lightfoot