Where is Golden State?

Thank you to the Claremont Chamber of Commerce and the DoubleTree Hotel for recognizing the importance of Measure W, which will be on our November ballot. I appreciate you putting a panel discussion together and inviting non Chamber members to educate the business owners about the recent water issues. This is a significant issue for residents and business owners in our town.
The elephant in the room today, and the question that wasn’t asked was, where was Golden State Water?
If you go to the GSW website it states that, “Golden State Water has proudly served the community of Claremont for more than 80 years...Golden State Water is committed to Claremont.”
What company in today’s world doesn’t seek or treasure time in front of their customers? Or, are we truly just the funding source for exorbitant executive pay and the record string of shareholder dividends? 
Yes, I recognize that things didn’t go well in the last public setting when GSW tried to answer Claremonters’ questions.  Who can forget that now-famous November 2013 COURIER photo of a GSW executive with her shoulders shrugged and palms up in the air, and the caption, “...has no idea how much the company pays her.” Yes, things didn’t go too well. But today’s decision to no-show was a peculiar way to act for a company that has “proudly” served Claremont for more than 80 years. 
Even though GSW chose not to be at the panel discussion, their actions speak volumes.

Randy Scott